Teiji SOTA

Professor, Department of Zoology, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

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Current research (principal investigators [*] and collaborators)

Adaptive speciation and species assemblage in the carabid beetles Ohomopterus

(with Nobuaki Nagata, Yutaka Okuzaki, Yuzo Tsuchiya, Yasuoki Takami, Masataka Sasabe and others)

Adaptive morphological divergence in snail-feeding carabid beeltes

(with Junji Konuma* and others)

Phylogeography and adaptive divergence of carabid beetles in Japan and East Asian continent

(with Nobuaki Nagata, Junji Konuma, Hongbin Liang, Aibing Zhang, Junglark Kim, Jungkuk Kim, Kohei Kubota and others)

Evolution of the periodical cicada Magicicada (with Satoshi Yamamoto, Jin Yoshimura, Chris Simon and others)

Historical biogeography of leaf beetles of the subfamily Donaciinae (with Masakazu Hayashi)

DNA taxonomy and phylogeny of elmid and psephenid water beetles (with Masakazu Hayashi)

Genital evolution and speciation in the xylodesmid millipedes (Tsutomu Tanabe*)

Allochronic speciation in geometrid moths (Satoshi Yamamoto*)

Coevolution of Camellia japonica and Curculio camelliae (Hirokazu Toju*)

and more on ecology and evolution of insects and other animals.

List of publications